Thursday, January 13, 2005

Tegan and Sara/Bowery Ballroom/Jan 12, 2005

Since Amy and I are both reviewing this show for separate publications, we decided to publish our thoughts as hashed on IM rather than a traditional review.

caryn (10:09:07 PM): So T&S. did you like the show?
amy (10:09:34 PM): yes i did
amy (10:09:44 PM): they are very talented and very adorable
caryn (10:09:58 PM): did it change the way you viewed them? do you regret not pazzjopping them?
amy (10:10:13 PM): no
amy (10:10:20 PM): i still like everything i voted for better
amy (10:10:34 PM): but i realized that i love that "i hear noises" song
caryn (10:10:39 PM): I regret that you do not regret pazzjopping them.
amy (10:10:47 PM): haha
amy (10:10:56 PM): see, i can't pazzjop their cuteness or their stage banter
caryn (10:11:26 PM): i really think that's just a small part of it. i think they are excellent song writers/singers/musicians, the whole schmear.
amy (10:12:46 PM): but i still think ciara, eamon, jason forrest, etc. made better music than they did last year
amy (10:12:56 PM): though i agree with you
caryn (10:13:01 PM): You'll probably hate this, but i've compared them to Elvis Costello, Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac. And I really believe it.
amy (10:13:18 PM): definitely more the lindsay side of fleetwood than the stevie side.
caryn (10:41:09 PM): So do you think the guy standing next to me was the most annoying man ever at a rock show? I'd like to nominate him for the VV Best of Issue.
amy (10:41:29 PM): no, i've experienced way more annoying people
amy (10:41:40 PM): like, people falling on me from drunkenness and yelling to each other throughout the show
amy (10:41:58 PM): and spilling stuff on me
caryn (10:42:40 PM): Ok, here's why this guy is worse.
caryn (10:43:04 PM): 1) Stood too close to girls, including me, as a way to cop a feel.
caryn (10:43:22 PM): 2) Shouted sexual things at Tegan and Sara, which was just gross.
caryn (10:43:38 PM): 3) Had a mullet. Ok, maybe that's not so bad.
amy (10:43:45 PM): at least he didn't touch us, which is what the drunk fall over guys do
caryn (10:43:55 PM): 4) Talked on the phone really loud during songs.
amy (10:43:57 PM): they use their instability as an excuse to feel you up
amy (10:44:12 PM): he also repeatedly asked if he was bothering us
caryn (10:44:36 PM): 5) Kept trying to engage us in conversation but kept saying the same thing..."their record is the most amazing record ever."
caryn (10:44:54 PM): I knew I shouldn't have whipped out that reporter's notebook and my gay pen.
amy (10:45:12 PM): well i didn't tell you what he said to me afterwards
amy (10:45:24 PM): which was "that was the best show i've seen since the white stripes at hammerstein"
amy (10:45:36 PM): and i said "well, it's a shame you couldn't hear all of it because you were on your cell phone"
amy (10:45:44 PM): and he said "i was just trying to share the experience!"
caryn (10:46:32 PM): Also, notice how he was trying to impress us by letting us know that he was a "stage hand." Oooh, does that help get us back stage? You're so my cherry pie, dude.
amy (10:46:45 PM): haha
amy (10:47:02 PM): i still think the guys that come and sit next to me while i'm sitting in the corner reading a book are worse than him
caryn (10:47:40 PM): Okay, enough about him. What was your favorite T&S stage comment?
amy (10:47:42 PM): like how can i send a bigger signal that i don't want to talk to you? sitting here READING A BOOK isn't getting the message across
amy (10:48:14 PM): hmm
amy (10:48:24 PM): the grandfather in the strip bar
caryn (10:49:20 PM): Right. She tells this long story about her grandfather and then ends it with, "Wow, I'm telling stories about my grandparents. This is like a Christian rock show." (Pause) "And so then we all went a got really fucked up."
amy (10:50:15 PM): oh yeah, the christian comment really made it
amy (10:50:29 PM): i wonder if those old people in the balcony were their family
caryn (10:50:45 PM): I thought that. But they seemed lame. Like label people.
amy (10:50:57 PM): one dude was talking on a walkie-talkie
caryn (10:51:25 PM): Rock-n-roll! So, what did you think about the audience, besides mullet man?
caryn (10:52:13 PM): It really was sold out. Which was nice.
amy (10:52:33 PM): i loved the couple where the girl was singing along to all the words and the guy was half massaging her back half beating out the rhythms of the songs
amy (10:52:57 PM): and of course the couple next to us where the one girl held up her ipod recorder the whole time and the other girl leaned on her shoulder
caryn (10:53:16 PM): Ooh, I missed them. There were a lot of girl couples who were more than little past foreplay on the floor.
amy (10:55:00 PM): yeah, not so many guys there.
caryn (10:55:01 PM): I thought that song "Where does the good go" sounded particularly awesome. Also, might I add that when Tegan plays the keyboards with her electric guitar strapped on and ready, it's particularly sweet. As in sweeet!
amy (10:55:57 PM): yeah, i thought the keyboards sounded great in general last night
amy (10:56:03 PM): the backing band was really, really tight
amy (10:56:09 PM): also, i learned to differentiate their voices
caryn (10:56:28 PM): Don't you feel personally offended when a band doesn't play your favorite song? Like something's wrong with you. Or them, for not liking the song as much as you. They didn't play city girl, which bummed me out.
caryn (10:56:42 PM): Really, how do you tell their voices apart?
amy (10:57:52 PM): tegan has the piercing, avril/alanis canadian tinge
amy (10:57:54 PM): sara does not
amy (10:58:03 PM): oh fuck
amy (10:58:06 PM): maybe it's the other way around?
caryn (10:58:07 PM): Do you think we could start a campaign to try to get Tegan and Sara on the OC to play the Bait Shop?
amy (10:58:21 PM): oh man, that would so rule
amy (11:02:46 PM): i liked how they wore matching outfits
caryn (11:02:50 PM): I kinda wanted to ask that girl who was recording it to her ipod if she'd send it to me. what's the manners for that kind of thing?
amy (11:03:08 PM): i have no idea
amy (11:03:12 PM): i guess you just ask
amy (11:03:06 PM): i wonder if their parents made them wear matching outfits when they were growing up
caryn (11:03:39 PM): They weren't really matching outfits. They both had black shirts on, but Tegan had stuff written on hers.
amy (11:04:01 PM): yeah, but they were cut the same way
caryn (11:04:14 PM): Man, I so wanted one of those t-shirts with pictures of them as plump, hairriffic three year olds.
amy (11:04:46 PM): haha yeah those were awesome
amy (11:05:00 PM): did you notice that the singer of the opening band had a tegan and sara haircut?
amy (11:08:31 PM): oh, the bass player-- did his shirt have a bunch of tvs on it?
caryn (11:08:46 PM): Hmm, didn't notice.
amy (11:09:09 PM): i really liked the design, but i couldn't tell what it was exactly
caryn (11:09:32 PM): Here are covers I'd like T&S to do...1) "Silly Love Songs"
caryn (11:09:49 PM): 2) ""Summer Babe"
caryn (11:10:03 PM): 3) "Stacey's Mom"
amy (11:10:14 PM): oh my god, stacey's mom!! that would be so incredible
caryn (11:10:50 PM): So, should we actually put this chat on MITM? Think people care?
amy (11:12:00 PM): we could put an abbreviated version
amy (11:12:13 PM): but the "think people care" question... i don't know, do they care about anything we put on there?