Saturday, October 23, 2004


Okay, so I'm watching Saturday Night Live. Ashlee Simpson does her first song, that Pieces of Me treacle. I could swear that she's lip-synching. I'm staring hard. She's cupping her hands around the mic so you can't see her mouth. Still, something seems off. But I had always heard that SNL had a no lip-synching rule with musical performers, so I just assumed that I was being obsessive.

Then she comes out for her second song. Just as the band is about to start, a vocal track starts floating out from somewhere. It's the vocals for Pieces of Me. The band, unsure of what to do, starts playing the music for Pieces of Me. Ashlee starts skipping around the stage nervously. It then seems as though she's going to start "singing" that song again. Then, another different vocal track starts pumping out. Ashlee walks off the stage, leaving the band to continue to play the music for Pieces of Me. The show quickly cuts to commercial. When the show ccomes back, no Ashlee, no band.

At the end of the show, at the goodbye part, she BLAMED THE PROBLEM ON THE BAND PLAYING THE WRONG SONG!!!!

I'm not necessarily against lip-synching (or enhancing) as a part of big stage shows with lots of dancing (see Madonna and Britney) but this is SNL and it's a show that positions itself as a home for good LIVE music. And she wasn't dancing. Really.

But I guess it was exciting to see a major fuck up on live tv. Her Daddy couldn't control this script.