Monday, January 10, 2005

Amy's reading/Astor Place B&N/Monday, Jan 10 2005

It's official: Amy kicked ass.

Who was the voice of reason when the guy who happened to be the (cough, cough) EDITOR of the damn book made gross (in multiple senses of the word) generalizations about music he clearly hasn't even listened to?


Who didn't turn it into a Joe Strummer blow job fest and pointed out some criticism she got from women in the field?


Who was the best looking reader of the evening?


(I have to admit that the whole time I couldn't get that Sonic Youth song "Kool Thing" out of my head...I wanted Amy to take the Kim Gordon part and turn to Chuck D. and say, "Are you going to liberate us girls from the male, white, corporate oppression?" Word up!)

Some photographic evidence courtesy of Jason Gross and one self-portrait: