Thursday, July 14, 2005

Lady Sovereign / Knitting Factory / July 14, 2005

Before she went all family-friendly (bootleg porno aside), Eve used to call herself a “pitbull in a skirt.” Lady Sovereign don’t wear no fookin skirts (or at least I can’t picture her in one), but my god, is she ever a pitbull. She’s tiny, cute and FIERCE. This girl could kick my ass in her sleep. Then I’d thank her and ask for another beatdown, because that is how much I am in love with her right now.

This was basically the M.I.A. Knit show all over again (massive blogga/writa posse, endless Catchdubs DJ set while we got all sweaty waiting, technical difficulties, truncated set), except Louise has more stage presence in her eyebrows than Maya has in her whole body. As Jessica wrote, in a much more brilliant take on her Chicago show than I could ever write about this one, here is a girl who’s spent her whole life as one of the guys, so she knows how to be ON even when she isn’t feeling it (lord knows I can relate). And boy was she not feeling it tonight. Jazzbo says that she was so sick/hungover this afternoon that she totally fucked up an MTV interview. On stage, she held her stomach, blamed McDonald’s, and kept threatening to vomit on the first row, in between apologies for “not jumping around and stuff.”

I’m sure conventional wisdom will say that this show was terrible because she was sick and her CD player kept skipping and she kept apologizing. I loved every second of it.

She wore a Sex Pistols t-shirt and pants so baggy they were literally falling off her ass, so she spent a good amount of her set with one hand grabbing the crotch. She had her hair in that trademark side ponytail which I hope starts a trend, because I would really like to start rocking that look and not get laughed at. She also had her keys on a chain around her neck. That is hardcore. By the way, photos like this are quite deceiving. Lady Sov is not glamorous or passive. She has crooked teeth and furry eyebrows and freckles and she will fuck you up, especially if you are Jentina or her friend who gave her a fat lip.

Her face is rubbery and naturally comedic like Jim Carrey’s. She could just roll her eyes or purse her lips and I would start laughing. Her voice is also rubbery and comedic—when she starts talking to herself I, like, die. She did a song that was a total Oi! Punk rager. She did “Random” and “Ch-Ching.” She freestyled over “Hollaback Girl.” It was awesome.

If you haven’t heard her new single “9 to 5”, go download it at Lemon-Red RIGHT FUCKING NOW. I hate to say this but it might just be better than the Dolly Parton song. Which is really saying something.

FYI: I’m headed to my soon-to-be home for my soon-to-be employer’s fantabulous rock-a-thon this weekend. Expect mad gossip, like what Colin Meloy smells like, when I get back.