Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Northern State / Rothko / June 22, 2005

I guess it’s not cool to like Northern State anymore. Was it ever? Either way, I don’t care. I’ve loved these three Strong-Island-representin, Yes-quotin, baggy-pants-wearin ladies with all my heart since day one. They are smart and funny and catchy and silly and I want to be them when I grow up. I don’t give a shit if they are “bad” or “wack” rappers. As I’ve said time and time again: FUCK AUTHENTICITY. Can somebody make me a T-with that on it?

I love how Hesta Prynn, Sprout and Spero love each other so much. They are obviously BFF with the bracelets to prove it. Tonight they kept clasping hands and throwing arms around shoulders and big-up-ing one other, lolling drunkenly and happily across the stage. Spero is all about well-placed karate kicks. Hesta Prynn just might be the most beautiful woman alive. (Yeah yeah, I know, it’s a three-way tie with Phyllis from Out Hud and Mischa Barton.)

This show was a benefit for the Village Voice’s strike fund, so there was much “give it up for the union, y’all!” going on. Also, I do believe this is the first concert I’ve ever been to in which there were shout-outs to Robert Christgau, Chuck Eddy and Tricia Romano.