Monday, June 13, 2005

Architecture in Helsinki / Northsix / June 13, 2005

Sufjan Stevens did not enjoy himself at this show. No sir. He stood there, arms crossed, stern look on his face, for Architecture in Helsinki’s entire set. Occasionally he would clap half-heartedly or snap his fingers next to his ears. He was wearing a Michigan baseball cap and had a pocketknife attached to his belt.

Why so glum, Sufjan? Is it because a bunch of goofy Australian flower children completely SCHOOLED you in the art of making a sprawling, epic indie rock record? Because their melodies are prettier and more buoyant than yours? Because they were having way too much fun up there on stage, bouncing around with silly grins on their faces? Because there is a white guy with dreadlocks in the band who plays the flute and the bongo drums? Because their Randy Newman cover was kinda weak? (You gotta admit, though, their take on “Love Is the Drug” was pretty rad.)

Sufjan, you didn’t even move during “Do the Whirlwind”! How is it humanly possible to stand still when that bassline is popping and locking, especially when there are unbelievably adorable girls in tank tops playing horn instruments over it?

I’m sorry you had such a crappy time. Architecture in Helsinki make me giddy. The last time I saw them play, it was in my friends’ basement. Now they’re selling out the Knitting Factory and Northsix! I’m so proud!