Saturday, May 14, 2005

Thunderbirds Are Now! / Knitting Factory Old Office / May 12, 2005

This show was perfect. Perfect venue (dark, dank, low-ceilinged basement), perfect audience (sardine-packed math rockers and tight-pants-hardcore kids), perfect length (30 minutes), perfect temperature (tropical), perfect smell (body odor + beer), perfect band. Detroit’s Thunderbirds Are Now! play jittery ADHD-core electro-punk, like all your favorite no wave bands but with actual melodies and hooks. Dinky synths, garage riffs, slapping-your-little-brother beats. On stage, the band somehow managed to top the energy level of their manic new album Justamustache, freaking out like Les Savy Fav’s kid brothers, bouncing around in the crowd and just generally losing their shit. The singer/guitarist looks and sounds like he’s twelve years old (I honestly thought it was a girl singing the first time I heard TAN!) and a lost Pete from Pete and Pete. He has a bird tattooed on his arm, which could be a thunderbird, but I don’t know what a thunderbird looks like and Google Images is just showing me cars and email programs. At one point, he leaned over and kissed the bass player on the cheek. That was the best part of the show.