Monday, May 02, 2005

Sightings, Pajo / The HintHouse Roof / May 1, 2005

I love New York City so fucking much. When the weather’s warm and the sky is clear, and I’m sitting on a rooftop with my friends and assorted indie/psych/folk/noise freaks, and the air smells like barbecue, and there are little children running around, I completely forget about astronomical rent, Mayor Bloomberg, drunk guys pissing in the street, cockroaches and acid rain. Because this place rules.

Every year, the No Neck Blues Band throws a Greek Easter celebration, and this year it took place on the roof of their compound in Harlem. Coincidentally, the Columbia MFA visual arts program was simultaneously holding their spring show at a space down the block, thereby transforming 131st street between Broadway and 12th Ave into a little slice of Williamsburg for an afternoon. I briefly checked out the art show, only to reconfirm the fact that I suck at art.

The roof was crowded with happy, chilled-out people with lots of hair. Mark Ibold was there. Surprisingly, James Iha and Thurston Moore were not.

Sightings played a half-hour of throbbing scree n skronk. I thought their subwoofers were going to explode. As usual, the groove songs worked better than the non-grooves. The bassist and guitarist were making luuuv to their instruments, getting all googly-eyed and guitar-faced.

Dave Pajo did hushed solo acoustic folk stuff that was pretty for a minute and then blah. Daphne noticed that he was wearing one of those turquoise rings you buy in gift shops in Arizona.

We left before NNCK’s set. Sorry, guys. But your house was awesome!