Thursday, May 05, 2005

New Order / Hammerstein Ballroom / May 5, 2005

Since I am reviewing this for Pitchfork, and thus must conserve all witty observations and one-liners, I will instead report how Luke Jenner, frontman for The Rapture, who happened to be sitting next to me, enjoyed the show. I will also note that he was wearing a pink sweater and cowboy boots.

Beginning of set through “True Faith”: Luke sits stone-faced and quiet. Claps at end of songs.

“True Faith”: Luke mouths words, leans back and forth in chair a little bit.

“Jetstream” (featuring guest vocalist Ana Matronic from the Scissor Sisters): Luke picks nose. Hard. Rubs boogers in palm.

“Bizarre Love Triangle”: Luke bounces slightly in chair.

“Love Will Tear Us Apart”: Like rest of crowd, Luke stands up and sings along.

“Temptation”: Luke stays on feet. Dances vaguely.

“Blue Monday”: Luke’s date is not feeling this one at all. She sits with unpleasant look on her face as Luke stands. Midway through song, he sits down.

I’m also pretty sure that Nicky Hilton walked by me when I was waiting in line at the bar. So I watched her take her seat in the front row of the first-floor box and periodically checked in on her throughout the evening. She danced the entire time and seemed to be having way more fun than Luke Jenner.

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