Thursday, May 12, 2005

Motorhead / B.B. King’s / May 5, 2005

Reviewed by MH

Motorhead were awesome. Dudes SMOKED and there was smoke!!! (But sadly no pyrotechnics.) As soon as the first song started up, flasks were being pulled out and joints were sparked up by all around me. No matter where you stood in the place, the sound was deafening (in a good way). Lots of old dudes w/ beer guts wearing King Diamond shirts. There was a bunch of guys in suits, too, and one in particular was sporting a Motorhead shirt underneath his jacket. The male to female ratio was out of control. It’s the first thing we noticed walking into the sea of black at BB King’s (which felt like a Jersey shore venue). Donna and I were the hottest girls in there even given the fact that I had on jeans, a hoodie, converse and no make-up. The gross part was walking through the packed crowd. Rubbing your body against metal dudes, big or small, hot or not (mostly not), made us feel violated. It didn’t help that even if the guys had some room to move aside, they wouldn’t. Knowing this and having no choice but to squeeze through made us cringe. Another shitty moment: the drum solo. He thought it was bad ass, but it was truly boring. He’s got 14 cymbals, two of which he never hit the entire night, but at least his lighting was good. With his long blonde hair flailing under the yellow lights he looked like some golden-haired creature, which was awesome since he’s fugly under regular lighting. But watching him solo felt, like...well it felt wrong! It’s all ROCK! ROCK! ROCK! ROCK! and then you’re subjected to that out of nowhere — it was just a total bummer. And people thought it was tight!