Sunday, May 01, 2005

Good Charlotte / Radio City Music Hall / April 26, 2005

Thanks to the magnanimous Tim Quirk (that guy rules!), I found myself at some sort of secret RealNetworks-sponsored Good Charlotte show at Radio City on Tuesday night. I thought the crowd would be mostly RealNetworks tools, and there certainly were plenty of those, but there was also a healthy representation of genuine GC fans (I think the show was open to fan club members and contest winners, too). So many adorable eight-year-olds in studded belts and eyeliner! I wanted to hug them all!

As with any pop-punk band, I expected GC’s live show to be through-the-roof exciting, with tons of pogoing and windmills and guitar faces. This was not the case. Benji sure did spit a lot, but other than that, they totally phoned it in. They also looked TERRIBLE. Maybe it was just bad lighting, but whenever the fan-o-vision screens did a close-up on someone’s face, it was like a “BEFORE” shot in a ProActiv ad. Joel looked like he was PMS-ing, all bloated and out of it. And those creepy tattoos on the sides of his neck…ugh.

Despite the lack of on-stage enthusiasm, the music sounded great. “The Anthem,” “I Just Wanna Live” and “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” were all nice n crunchy n shiny.

Best part of the show: Christopher Weingarten got up to go to the bathroom at the exact moment GC started playing “Girls and Boys.” A pack of screaming girls came running down the aisle and—I shit you not—knocked him flat on the ground! He later said, “Man, I wish music still made me feel that way.” I told him to steer clear of me at the Decemberists show next Wednesday.