Sunday, March 13, 2005

Grime Presents: Bangers & Mash 3 featuring Jammer, D Double E, Ears, Shadetek / Rothko / Mar. 11, 2005

I never thought I’d actually have fun at a release party for a record put out by Vice, but hey, never say never. (The record, Run the Road, is bonkers by the way, but you knew that.) The crowd was mostly nerds—rock critics, record collectors—with a few model-gorgeous types snake-hipping to the riddims and making the rest of us feel fat and ugly. It was too packed to really dance, though, so we mostly jumped up and down and threw our hands in the air. This resulted in the tall guy standing right behind me hitting my ponytail a lot. But a heightened state of agitation is ideal for experiencing grime, right?

The Shadetek Crew, who host this monthly Bangers & Mash party, were the biggest nerds there. Two pasty white dudes, one in a hoodie and one in a knit cap, busting the wackest moves since Elaine on Seinfeld. But it was actually the best thing ever, because they were SO into the music they were spinning, they didn’t give a shit that a roomful of tastemakers might think they looked stupid.

After midnight, the MCs appeared, special guests from England on their first U.S. tour (but not their first U.S. appearance—that was Thursday night in Philly. For once, Philly scooped NYC!). D Double E: watch out for this kid. He looks like a younger, hungrier DMX and raps with the same intensity. Staring out above the crowd, he fixed his eyes on a point in space and, I swear, didn’t blink for a minute. Jammer was bouncing all over the place, dreadlocks flying and sunglasses coming on and off. Ears, well, I don’t remember too much about him. Must not have had much stage presence.

The beats, oh man, the beats. Gunshots on tin roofs, GameBoys gone cannibalistic, shuddering handclaps. You know the drill. Sometimes I feel like I can’t get enough of this stuff. At one point, they rapped over a loop from Kylie’s “Can’t You Out of My Head.” Hot!

One complaint, though. One BIG complaint. And maybe someone can explain this to me. What is up with the whole play-thirty-seconds-of-a-track-then-stop-it-and-play-it-again thing? They kept doing it! It drove me crazy! Just when a groove would start warming up, they’d stop it! Is there something I’m not getting here? It was definitely on purpose—nobody is THAT bad a DJ, not even me. Arrrgh.

P.S. M.I.A. and Diplo are dating! Thanks for the hot gossip, Dan!