Sunday, February 27, 2005

Pixeltan / Rothko / Feb. 25, 2005

Right before I headed downtown on Friday, I finished writing a piece about Shonen Knife for Willamette Week. So I was thinking a lot about American indie rock’s fascination with Asian femininity. That, coupled with Ann’s reading, put me in ultra girl police mode.

Pixeltan’s singer, an attractive woman of Asian descent, took the stage in a tight, spandex-y, jungle-animal-print top, with a chain around her neck. Not a bling chain, but a big, heavy chain, like what you’d use to tie a pitbull to a fence. Her vocalizations consisted of mostly grunts, howls and moans rather than words. So I’m thinking: what’s going on here? Is she making a statement about how Asian women are treated like caged animals? Or is she doing it because it looks and sounds cool, and this is what the audience wants? I don’t know. But it all made me a bit uncomfortable.

The two other dudes in the band—Hisham Bharoocha, formerly of Black Dice, on drums, and a bassist in rhinestone-embroidered nudie suit pants—played Liquid Liquid grooves that all sounded the same and melted together into one big blahhhh. I really like Pixeltan’s two songs on the DFA comp, but they just couldn’t sustain my interest for a full set.

Kid606 was spinning acid house next, but we left. My bag was too full of free magazines and DFA/Capitol schwag for dancing to be any fun anyway.