Friday, February 04, 2005

Keane, The Zutons / Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA / Jan. 4, 2005

Remember yesterday, when I said that Philadelphia luuuvs adult-contemporary? I wasn’t joking. I mean, who are these clowns? Did they have a huge hit or TV commercial that I missed?* Were they the musical guest on a secret O.C. episode I didn’t know about? Why is this enormous venue packed full of people who know all the words to their songs? Oh, wait a second… WXPN plays them a lot, apparently. Now it all makes sense.

You know what else Philadelphia loves? FOOTBALL. If you combine the two (adult-contemporary and football, that is), people go apeshit. Oh my god, when Keane dedicated some b-side to the Eagles (the guy said “ee-gles” instead of “iggles”—obviously not a native!), I thought the roof was gonna cave in.

Openers the Zutons dedicated a song to the Eagles too, but no apeshitting ensued. This is because the Zutons aren’t adult-contemporary. They are more zany-bar-band-with-Lora-Logic-on-sax. Although they’re not nearly as zany as they, or the British press, would like you to think. I expected costumes and onstage brawls and objects being thrown into the audience, but all I got was some fevered hopping up and down. The saxophonist is adorable, though. She wasn’t wearing any shoes.

*My mom (who is now the proud owner of the Keane CD Interscope sent me) tells me that they are, indeed, in a commercial.