Saturday, February 19, 2005

Alan Astor / Sin-e / Feb. 17, 2005

Sometimes when I’m watching somebody perform, I think “Wow, I am so glad that this person found music, because he/she would probably be eating barbecued babies if he/she hadn’t.”

Alan Astor is one of those people. Big orange hair, scruffy stubble. Low-slung baggy jeans with boxers hanging out, an open dashiki/robe-thing exposing a hairy chest, a tangle of necklaces, one of which looked like a Jewish star. I’m pretty sure he didn’t have any shoes on. He sang along with pre-recorded backing tracks (cornball glitchy ‘80s synth-pop wackiness) and occasionally played the saxophone. His voice and stage presence are very “I’m auditioning for A Chorus Line.” Lots of Christ poses and sweeping hand gestures. So bad it’s good.