Thursday, January 27, 2005

Man Man / Mercury Lounge / Jan. 27, 2005

Need New Body: crazy dudes in crazy outfits with crazy facial hair playing crazy instruments in a crazy Zappa/Holy Modal Rounders/hippie drum circle kinda way. You’d think that formula would be unique, right? WRONG. Welcome to Philly, bitch. We got some wicked drugs here. Our sports teams never win, our school system was taken over by a private company, our subway runs on only one street and the mayor spent so much money on a wireless internet pipe dream, there wasn’t any left over to pay for snowplows. Why do you think we get so incredibly high we decide it’s a good idea to write songs with choruses like “meow meow meow meow meow” and “moustache moustache moustache moustache”? (That is, if our “songs” even have “choruses.”)

Which isn’t to say I don’t like Man Man. I mean, I like Need New Body; ergo, I like Man Man. The four band members wore all white. One guy had a skeleton sketched onto his shirt (just like the suit jacket Win Butler wore at the Bowery Ballroom! Now the whole Man-Man-opening-for-Arcade-Fire thing makes perfect sense! Oh no wait, it still doesn’t.) Instruments played/manmanhandled included trumpet, slide whistle, melodica, keyboards, umbrella and lots and lots of percussion. Animal masks were worn. I burst out laughing several times.

Coming tomorrow: More in the Monitor reviews Bright Eyes… for the third time!