Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Dears / Mercury Lounge / Jan. 15, 2005

I was on the fence about the Dears—except for 2 amazing songs on the Protest EP—so I went to this hoping that the live experience would help me make up my mind. And it did. The verdict is: eh.

It bothers me when a band has only one female member and she’s the keyboardist. (Is it bad that it bothers me?) The Dears have two female members, and both of them are keyboardists. They both stood there looking pretty, pouting and not moving. The drummer’s tongue lolled around outside of his mouth while he played. The front man wore a ski jacket and had a copy of Black Like Me in his back pocket. At one point, he and the other guitarist stood very, very close to each other while playing. It looked like they were going to kiss.

There was a lot of delay on the vocals. The keyboards weren’t very loud. Of course.

I left after five songs. I was on the subway longer than I was at the show.