Sunday, November 28, 2004

Marilyn Manson, Slunt / Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA / Nov. 21, 2004

There are two women and a man standing behind me, talking. They are white (like everyone else in the crowd), they are probably in their early ‘30s, and they work for a drug company. The man is wearing a Marilyn Manson t-shirt, the women are in dresses. They have thick Philly / South Jersey accents, and they complain that all the beer they are drinking will give them a hangover that will be difficult to deal with tomorrow morning at work. All of them have seen Marilyn Manson perform multiple times. They all agree that the last tour, when he played the Tower Theatre and got a blowjob on stage from a female backup dancer, was the best show ever.

They like Slunt because the girls are hot and they play a Nirvana cover.

While waiting for Manson to take the stage, they talk about who in their office is gay and who isn’t. One woman recounts going on a date with one guy who ended the evening with just a kiss on the cheek. He must be gay. Plus, I can tell from his mannerisms. Yeah, the guy says. I try to stay away from him. Eww—look at those girls right there (points to two large Latino women wearing matching bandanas on their heads, locked in an embrace). I hate it when lesbians aren’t hot. I wouldn’t fuck one of those girls if I got drunk and passed out with a hard-on. Did I ever tell you about my friend Jimmy? He’s in jail right now. But this one time, we were at this party and he fell asleep with his dick hard. He woke up because this really fat girl was riding him. It was so gross. I can’t look at those girls. It makes me uncomfortable.

Then Marilyn Manson comes on and they sing along to every word.

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