Monday, October 18, 2004

Tegan and Sara / Apple Store / Oct. 16, 2004

I have never seen a band play in a computer store before, but I gotta admit, it was a hell of a lot nicer watching Canadian sister act Tegan and Sara do their acoustic-guitar thing on stools set up in the back of a room selling iPods than it would have been at some sweaty bar. And if musical consumption habits continue the way they seem to be going, this kind of instore might not seem so weird in a few years.

Since Caryn took notes, I’m going to leave the details of this performance to her, but I’d just like to add that Tegan and Sara are cute little cupcakes whom I’d like to take home and put in my closet. In a completely non-sexual way! Also, their voices (which blend together so beautifully) have that whole shrill Canadian accent thing going on, which makes them sound like Avril and Alanis. In a good way!